What is happening on the Farm now?

At Washingpool Farm most of the animals will spend January and February indoors in the warm and everyone working on the farm will be kept busy keeping them fed and watered.  Around the farm the hedges are being laid, maintenance to fences and farm machinery is being done and the land is being prepared ready for sowing in the spring.

All of the breeding cows are in calf and are due around May time.  The ewes that went to the ram on the 18th October are due around March.

Teaching the seasons through observing nature…….

A programme of activities in the Discover Farming classroom that use nature to help explore and learn about the key aspects of the seasons to assist teachers with the National Curriculum Science Programme for Key Stages 1 & 2 – Seasons of Change:  Observe changes across the four seasons and observe and describe the weather associated with the seasons and how the day length varies.

A school visit in the spring (March, April, May) will concentrate on talking and showing the signs of spring as the class walk around the farm – leaves on the trees, blossom, flowers, baby animals (lambs, piglets, calves and chicks), birds singing and nesting, water levels, temperature etc.  Back in the classroom Katie will explain why the spring is the best time to plant seeds and the children will be given the task of sowing seeds for taking back to their classroom.

Summer is the season when most of the food we eat grows!

It is recommended that the spring visit is followed up by a return to Washingpool in the summer (June, July) so the class can see how everything has grown – grass, plants and animals!  They will look at the vegetables and fruit that grows on the farm that is now ready to eat – lettuce, courgettes, squashes, strawberries, tomatoes and more….and taste them too!  Katie will talk about how the weather effects what happens on the farm and the seasonal jobs that are currently being done.

If your class would like to book a visit please contact our Visit Co-ordinator, Katie Vining – katie@discoverfarming.co.uk or click here to complete a booking form.